At GoTESOL, we are committed to providing high-quality customer service to all our clients. We recognize that sometimes things can go wrong, and if a customer is not satisfied, we encourage them to let us know as soon as possible so we can address their concerns and find a satisfactory resolution.

Here are the steps we follow when handling customer complaints:

  1. Contacting Us: Customers can file a complaint by contacting us through email, phone, or our website’s contact form. We aim to acknowledge all complaints within 24 hours of receipt and provide an estimated time frame for resolution.
  2. Investigation: Once we receive a complaint, we investigate it thoroughly. We may contact the customer for more information or to clarify details about the complaint.
  3. Resolution: We aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible, and we will keep the customer informed of our progress. If we need more time to investigate or resolve the issue, we will provide the customer with a timeframe for resolution.
  4. Feedback: After resolving the complaint, we will ask the customer for feedback on our handling of the issue. This feedback will be used to improve our processes and prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.
  5. Escalation: If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution, they may request to escalate the complaint to a higher authority within GoTESOL. The complaint will be reviewed by senior management, who will provide a final resolution.

In addition to the above steps, we have the following policies in place to ensure that customer complaints are handled in a fair and transparent manner:

  • Confidentiality: All complaints and their details will be kept confidential, and information will be shared only with individuals directly involved in the investigation and resolution of the complaint.
  • Impartiality: Complaints will be investigated and resolved impartially, and no prejudice will be shown to the customer or the staff member involved in the complaint.
  • Timeliness: We aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible and will keep the customer informed of our progress.
  • Record Keeping: All complaints will be recorded and monitored to identify any trends or recurring issues that need to be addressed.

We take customer complaints seriously and view them as an opportunity to improve our services. We are committed to ensuring that all complaints are handled in a professional, timely, and effective manner.